Mary Shelley 's Suffrage Of The Fiend Created By Victor Frankenstein

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Caroline Beaufort died from scarlet fever and Elizabeth Lavenza died at the hands of the fiend created by Victor Frankenstein. On the other hand, Safie would never forget the horror of encountering the monster, but remained alive. The influences of being a mother, woman novelist and daughter of a feminist pioneer are evident in Mary Shelley’s representation of Caroline’s self-sacrifice, Elizabeth’s submissiveness, and Safie’s simultaneously strong and passive role in Frankenstein. Furthermore, these attributes correlate to each female character’s fate. Shelly introduces Caroline Beaufort as a dutiful daughter faithfully attending a father. “Her father grew worse; her time was more entirely occupied in attending him; her means of subsistence decreased; and in the tenth month her father died in her arms, leaving her an orphan and a beggar.” Caroline’s self-sacrifice was rewarded with grief. However, Alphonse Frankenstein rescued and married Caroline, which for a time brought happiness. Caroline had a son, Victor, but wished for and adopted a daughter, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Elizabeth contracted scarlet fever. Caroline took care of Elizabeth. “She attended her sickbed,-her watchful attentions triumphed over the malignity of the distemper, Elizabeth was saved, but the consequences of this imprudence were fatal to her preserver.” Caroline saved Elizabeth’s life but died in the process. Caroline’s willingness to risk everything for Elizabeth represents

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