Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: A Narrative Fiction

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It was a dark and stormy night, Billy was just lying under his blanket as he was staring up at the ceiling. As the trees quivered in the wind the moonlight would cast a shadow onto his white curtains, giving the illusion of a monster trying to get through Billy’s window. Billy noticed the shadow and he got spooked then hid under his covers.

Billy heard the sound of a creek in his floorboard, almost like someone was walking in his room. Billy got a little curious and decided to take a peek out of a small tear in his blanket and notices something strange, his window appeared to be open. Billy notices what he thought was a monster outside his window had gotten into his house and had opened his door. Billy stared down the hallway and saw a dark figure with blazing red eyes staring directly at him. Suddenly it disappeared out of his sight, and then he heard a loud crashing sound coming from the basement. Billy hopped out of his bed shivering in fear that he would be attacked by the scary creature. Billy approached the basement door scared that this could be the last time he ever lived, considering how scary and big the creature was.
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Billy heard foot steps on the stairs right next to him and noticed whatever was down there was coming back up. Then he ran to a nearby closet where they stored towels and cleaning supplies and materials. It was sort of cramped in the closet but it was fine knowing that Billy was safe from this hideous creature. Billy opens the door to peek through the little crack he had made. Woosh, the creature lunged past the door at incredible speed and disappears out of site. Billy opens the closet door and walks out into the hallway. There is a strange racket in Billy’s room, he walks in. Suddenly, the creature jumps out from behind Billy’s bed and scares him to death. ¨Wait a minute!¨ Billy
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