Essay on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein is a story about a scientist who creates a living creature that ends up wreaking havoc on his life. He begins life as a happy person but then has a life of tragedy and horror. Though Victor Frankenstein and his creature oppose each other, they develop similarities between each other as the story progresses. Mary Shelley wrote the story Frankenstein as a challenge in Switzerland. The idea of a man creating life in the form of a monster came to her in a dream. She incorporated this idea when she wrote the novel. Shelley used the characteristics from the Romantic period while writing the story. She also used gothic elements in the story. The characteristics from the Romantic period help show the connection that Victor…show more content…
Later on Victor becomes fascinated with the creation of life. He starts to study how the human body is built and how it decomposes. A few years after he began these studies he discovers the secret of life. He uses his findings to construct a creature and bring it to life. Developing a living creature goes against nature and the beliefs of the Romantics. Similar to Victor the creature develops the desire to learn. The creature desires to learn the ways of humans and become more like them. While he is traveling, the creature comes across a cottage. He is fascinated by the cottagers’ music and their language. Both Victor and the creature have the desire to learn because of their fascinations. The creature develops a desire to learn the language of the cottagers so he can speak to them. He tries to learn the language by watching the cottagers, though he makes little progress at first. Victor and the creature are both devoted to learning about their fascinations. Both find it important to increase their knowledge of the world around them. Similarly, Victor Frankenstein and the creature both want revenge. The creature starts out as good but turns evil and wants revenge after being persecuted by humans because of his looks. He also wants revenge against Victor after Victor destroys the female creature. Victor wants revenge against the creature after figuring out that the creature has murder some of Victor’s family and his friend, Henry Clerval.
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