Mary Stuart: Victim of Evil Political Conspiracies

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I/ Born to be a puppet of her mother's and Scottish court's ambitions King James V of Scotland suffered so complete defeat in the Battle of Solway Moss on 24 November 1542 by his uncle King Henry VIII of England that even the birth of his only surviving legitimate child, Mary, could not raise him up. He died at the age of 30 and Mary Stuart was unconsciously put to the Scottish throne. On 9 September 1543, at Stirling Castle, 9-month-old Mary officially became Queen of Scots or Mary I of Scotland. King Henry VIII of England conspired to unit Scotland with England under the reign of Tudors through the marriage between Queen Mary and his son - Prince Edward. However, Mary's mother, Marie de Guise - a native of France, and Scottish court preferred allying Scotland to the powerful French Catholic nation. On 7 August 1548, 6-year-old Queen Mary had to leave her Scotland to France as a deposit for Scotland's safety. However, Catherine de Medici, Mary's future mother-in-law, did try her utmost to prevent Mary from marrying her son, Francis, due to a deathly prophecy. The wedding was therefore intentionally dawdled while English forces were approaching Scottish frontier. Mary, at any price, must become French Dauphine in order to send French army to protect Scotland. To convince the current King of France, Henry II, Mary had to obey her mother's artifice of distorting Mary I of England's condition as well as exaggerating the Church of England's support to her heir to English
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