Mary Stuart Was a Good Queen in Scotland: How about England? Essay

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In the 1500s, many great Kings and Queen existed of whom a few will go down in history as some of the greatest leaders of all time. Elizabeth I being the queen of England during 1533-1603 and Mary Stuart ruling Scotland for the years of 1542-1567, Mary Stuart was always eager to take Elizabeth I’s spot, and she was always trying to find new ways to try to take the throne. Yet, if Mary Stuart was successful in taking the throne would she be a good queen? Although Mary Stuart was educated and had strong views on religion she was emotionally unstable, she showed neglect to her country, and had a terrible relationship with the people of Scotland showing that she would be unable to reign as queen of England. Mary’s strong view on religion came…show more content…
This would mean that Elizabeth is not a legitimate heir to the throne so that Mary would be the next heir to the throne and legal queen not Elizabeth (Mary). Mary had an educated life and an upbringing dependent on knowledge. Mary had a religious teacher that helped her develop a strong, concrete view on religion and many other things. Her teacher helped her become a power leader in the fact that she won’t change her mind too easily. Without education in Mary she would’ve not recognized that Elizabeth could be an illegitimate heir. Mary did spend a majority of her time and effort looking for a husband but at the same time Mary was smart enough to use her constant traveling from place to place for different things. She knows that her traveling all around Scotland will take time away from doing other things so she decides to multi-task, Mary uses her trips to meet and greet many of the Scottish people and increase the relationship she has with the Scottish population (Itinerary). Her education allowed her to make intelligent decisions which made her a good queen on paper but not in real life even though she had many events to help the bond between the people and her. Intelligence is not the only thing one needs to have, one also needs the control of their own emotions which Mary was lacking. Mary was an emotionally

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