Mary Warren

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------------------------------------------------- How does Miller present the character of Mary Warren in The Crucible? Arthur Miller Shows Mary Warren in different limelight’s of power. At the beginning of the play there is an aspect of her having no power but as you go through the play there seems to be shifts in her power. Miller uses Mary to demonstrate young, single women’s power and how when you have so much power it can just slip right out of your hands in one brief moment. Miller shows that power can be taken away pretty easily and quite absentmindedly from Mary Warren’s character. He demonstrates this by making her young and single and setting the scene to a subservient, naïve girl. This makes her prepared to answer and obey…show more content…
Miller uses other characters to illustrate how Mary’s character has changed over a little while. At the end of act two there is an immediate power shift between Proctor and Mary. This is when Mary tells Proctor ‘I saved her life today’. ‘Her’ meaning Elizabeth, when Mary shares this with Proctor, he lowers the whip. The power shift is symbolised with this exact moment, Miller shows this moment through a stage direction. Then Marys dialogue after the power shift shows a side of Mary that we have never seen before, this is where she finally decides to stand up for herself. Miller shows her frustration at her lack of power and her lack of freedom that she is missing out on in a stage direction and her dialogue. ‘(with a stamp of her foot): I’ll not be ordered to bed no more, Mr Proctor! I am eighteen and a woman, however single.’ In this quote Miller presents a respectful lady, however angry, who knows her authorities around the Proctors but still thinks that she has some say in what she does in her life. Miller also shows a depth to Mary’s character through her dialogue. In Act 3, Mary has reverted to her timid self like we saw in Act 1, this is shown through her silence and through Proctor speaking for her. In this part Miller tries to make her the weakest character in this Act through stage directions such as ‘(Mary is keeping her eyes to the ground)’ At the end of Act 3, Proctor threatens Mary in to telling the
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