Mary Wollstonecraft and Her Dedication to Equality for Women

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“Mary Wollstonecraft and her effects on Feminism” Mary Wollstonecraft often associated with the start of Feminism. She was born in 1759 to “semiliterate working class parents” (Snodgrass 1). She grew up in a household that was flooded with abuse, alcoholism, and parental favoritism toward her brother- which caused self doubt (Snodgrass 1). In preparation of her future she grew up reading philosophy, history, and teaching herself French and German (Snodgrass 1). She worked as a widow’s companion, a teacher in an all girls academy, and edited for the New Analytical Review. She passed in 1797 at age 38 of puerperal fever only 10 days after the birth of her baby girl named Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Snodgrass 2). . She became known during the time of Enlightenment. During this time, intellectuals used reason to move towards a better society. Reason is the use of the scientific method to an understanding of all life. Since as long as anyone could remember, male philosophes believed that women were inferior to men. Intellectuals such as Thomas Hobbes, believed that “ natural and biological differences between men and women preluded women from full participation in the social contract- in public life at large and politics specifically” (Curtis 1). This is what led Mary Wollstonecraft to disagree. Because of Mary Wollstonecraft, the world is a better place. Enlightenment thinkers used reason to find an answer to all things in life. They said that using reason would help
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