Marymount Manhattan Mystery

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Mystery of Marymount Manhattan On March 27, 2009, in Marymount Manhattan College, were two girls named Loren and Hayley. Loren is 5’5 and has long, blonde hair and blue eyes and dimples. Hayley is 5’5 and has long, brown hair and green eyes. They were both getting ready for a party around eight-thirty. The party was at their friend Alex’s house and it started at 10 o’clock. Before they went to the party, they met up with their other best friends, Ryan, Troy, and Liam. Ryan is 5’7 and has brown hair and brown eyes. Troy is 5’10 and has brown hair and green eyes and dimples. Liam is 5’11 and has black hair and grey eyes and dimples. Around nine o’clock, they all went together to iHop to eat something before the party in case there wasn’t any good food. They ate pancakes and waffles, and after they were done, they headed to the party around nine forty-five. When they arrived at the party, which had already started, the house was packed with other college students. They went inside and tried to find Alex but couldn’t. After…show more content…
She walked toward what they were looking at. Tears ran down her eyes as she saw the body and realized it was Ryan.
“Ryan?!” Loren exclaimed, “Why are you just standing there?! Someone call an ambulance!”
Someone called an ambulance and it took about five long minutes to arrive along with the police. Everybody went home and Ryan’s body was put in a body bag while the police investigated the house for evidence. Alex’s house was now a crime scene and he had nowhere to go. His parents lived in Wyoming and he had to save his money for college and house bills.
“Alex, you can stay with us for a little bit if you have nowhere else to go.” said Troy.
“Umm . . . No thanks I’d rather not sleep in Ryan’s bed tonight.” responded Alex.
“Well, I meant you could like sleep on the floor or something not Ryan’s bed.” said Troy.
“Oh . . .” said Alex, “Well, sure then, considering I have nowhere else to
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