Marzano's Teaching Philosophy Essays

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Educational research contributes many factors to effective teaching and the effective teacher. Beliefs and values that guide the research change by the decade, however, most of the research agrees that the highest impact on achievement is the teacher. The writer feels that the three factors Marzano pinpoints are ones truly necessary to guide effective teachers. He states “the act of teaching is a holistic endeavor. Effective teachers employ effective instructional strategies, classroom management techniques, and classroom curricular design in a fluent, seamless fashion”. (Marzano, p.77) By combining these three key components, the teacher will do what is necessary to foster student achievement. It is important to have an effective…show more content…
Students will respond to the lesson in different ways and often there are “teachable moments” that were not included in the original lesson. The effective teacher can incorporate various instructional strategies to fit the moment and the individual student’s needs at that moment. William Bennett John Hattie, and Bert Creemers all produced lists that identified research-based practices that were effective in the classroom. The writer has used strategies that work from their lists on a daily basis, including differentiating instruction and reinforcement with play or games. Cooperative learning has also been used frequently to give opportunities for students to collaborate in order to negotiate meaning, teach and learn from one another. Benjamin Bloom’s (76) unit of instruction “guides teachers to the most appropriate use of research-based strategies but does not constrain them as to day-to-day lesson design” (83). Instructional strategies are integrated into the unit plan, but should remain flexible in order to meet student needs and goals. Marzano (85) recommends one action step to successfully implement research-based instructional strategies. Each school should provide teachers with an instructional framework based on their own models to allow variations
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