Marz's Poem

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I sit down and settle myself on the cool metal pipe above the creek. This is my place for peace, my place to take a break from the chaos of life. I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the mini waterfall in the creek, the calming tumble of cascading droplets. I can feel my heartbeat slowing and my breaths deepening as I forget all of my troubles. I hear the chirping of a robin and gaze out into the trees to see if I can spot the culprit. I hear his captivating song and whistle back my own little tune, not near as beautiful as his. He is hidden in the thick foliage of the green trees. There are many shades of green in one spot just for all to enjoy who will take the time to look. I take a deep breath of the fresh air surrounding me. It is cool against my skin and gives a nice, refreshing feeling. I pick up a rock from the ground next to me and toss it in the creek. The splash explodes from…show more content…
I look over and see one of our cats, Marz. I pet his fluffy, orange and white fur, and scratch him under his chin. He purrs just a little harder, just a little louder, and my smile gets a little broader. Marz is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known, always there when your day maybe isn’t the best, and you need someone to talk to. Most of the time he listens, too. He’s the best friend I need at times. I look back down at the waterfall and toss in another rock. I watch the ripples till they fade into nothing, like my problems I come here to forget. I listen to the sounds of the world around me, the breeze in the grass, the bugs in the earth, and the birds in the trees above. I notice little tadpoles darting around in the water below. Their world is so limited and mine so vast, and of all the places I could go for peace and happiness, I chose this spot by the creek. Marz is now exploring little nooks and crannies and I laugh as he gets his stuck between a couple branches. I guess it’s true, curiosity killed the
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