Masaccio 's The Holy Trinity And The Virgin

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Masaccio’s Achieves a Grand Illusion of Depth By Using Perspective The introduction of perspective to the world of art has significantly changed the way art is created. Painting’s like Masaccio’s “The Holy Trinity and The Virgin” have “played a pivotal role in the history of art as both a definitive example of Early Renaissance linear perspective and as a kind of prophetic forerunner of the prospective method discussed nearly a century later by Leon Battista Alberti” (Aiken 171). According to Jane Andrew Aiken, Perspective hadn’t really been used much when the time “The Holy Trinity and The Virgin” had been revealed to the world. The painting had definitely received a notice by many connoisseurs of art for its different painting style and focus of topic. Religion was an obvious main focus during the time Masaccio had done this piece and the fact that he had drawn about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ had caught many people’s eyes. The use of perspective in Masaccio’s “The Holy Trinity and The Virgin” causes the depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to be the main focus in the artwork and give a sense of depth to the painting to the viewers despite their point of view. Masaccio’s painting that is in the Santa Maria Novella consist of six apparent holy figures.
“Interestingly, God the Father is shown standing on a platform in the back, which is not an ‘otherworldly’ place (where he would be traditionally depicted), but instead a realistic space which…
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