Masculinity And Femininity: The Objectification Of Woman

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Masculinity and Femininity: The Objectification of Woman
Even with the growing effect of the media, gender roles in regards to woman have not gone through a drastic reform. As a result of this lack of reform, the advertisement industry has been allowed to implement these outdated ideas into the minds of the consumer through sexualized and objectifying images of women. The advertisement for the cologne “Abibis” fragrance for men, shows a beautiful woman standing in front of a deep red curtain with soaking wet hair. The woman is in a light pink and ragged bra and an unbuttoned pair of jean shorts. On her right arm there appears to be a dirt stain on her forearm and her right shoulder. Her bra is falling off her left shoulder and is barely managing
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Theroux defines manliness when he states, “”Be a man!” strikes me as insulting and abusive. It means: Be stupid, be unfeeling, obedient, soldierly and stop thinking (Theroux 177). Theroux believes these aspects define men, and advertisement companies, just like “Alibis” prey on this mold of masculinity that has been set as a means of selling their product. In the essay, “Being a Man”, Theroux explains how men act in regards to women. Theroux states, “It is very hard to imagine any concept of manliness that does not be-little women” (Theroux, 177). This quote directly applies to this particular advertisement because it targets the fantasy of men at the cost of women. This advertisement implies that woman have to use their sexuality and ignorance of a “male” activity, like fixing cars, to attract the opposite gender. Fixing cars is a male predominant activity and many men take a lot of pride in being able to fix a car. Woman in comparison are stereotypically believed to have no knowledge of cars and end up having to call upon a man for help, which is exactly what this ad is using to help sell this product. This feeds the Americanized masculinity principles that Theroux despises so much, and this advertisement only proves that a concept of manliness sadly does not come without the degradation of…show more content…
In John Berger’s book, Ways of Seeing, he discusses how effective marketing influences human ideals, and explains that publicity can make individuals question their happiness. As a result of the insecurities in the minds of the people, advertisements are able to make a profit by selling their particular product. Berger states that “the gap between what publicity actually offers and the future it promises, corresponds with the gap between what the spectator-buyer feels himself to be and what he would like to be. The two gaps become one; and instead of the single gap being bridged by action or lived experience, it is filled with glamourous daydreams” (Berger 148). In the beginning of this quote, Berger mentions the future the product is promising, which is what draws people towards the product. The way these advertisement companies use the future to build up these elaborate and sexualized fantasies is a primary marketing strategy to sell their product, but it has a serious effect on society. These advertisement companies use the self-doubt that resonates in people and tells them that their product can provide a plug to fill that void that is felt. When this quote mentions “glamourous daydreams”, those daydreams is all the product can truly supply. Alibis can only provide a men’s fragrance; it cannot provide the beautiful woman who desperately needs help, and is just waiting to make an
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