Masculinity And Self Determination And Aggression

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Masculinity can be described as a set of attitudes, roles or traits related to men. It develops by the social and biological parameters and factors. However, it could be exhibited by males as well as females, depending upon the development of masculine traits in them. The main characteristics of masculinity include bravery, impartiality, freedom, and firmness which depend upon the locality and background of the individual, as well as the community and traditions. An extremism of negative traits of masculinity is disregarded in the society. This concept changes according to the history and traditions of a locality. Usually, the manhood norms include strength, non- emotional behavior, the struggle for attainment of success and status,…show more content…
Moreover, he wants his demonstration "to present that the black custom is capable of supporting a guy when he lives away from his ancestor’s, he can prove himself as a responsible masculine person. Wilson set up a history of African Americans by his plays, eventually postulating masculine viewers as the leading inheritor of their history. Through his dramas, Wilson made black Americans familiar with their personae, and their negative image was presented with great positivity in front of the whole world. In the meantime, he remained attached to the typical dramatic formulas of practicality and tragedy and to effort on the way to tenacity often triggered him to write about sex clashes, yet he focused on the cultural tussles as well (Hussein). Analysis In his representations of black men, Wilson showed the performance of males both in the family and in controversy with white civilization as exposed in Dutchman. Manliness is so often conversed or rejected by a woman; this is what made the characters of the play depressed. Such stresses ought to be settled wisely with the help of facades and enactments, for example, that of the cool posture or the Uncle Tome model. Steadily, in all five dramas of Wilson, the chief character is male and the hunt for personality turn out to be sex explicit for him in spite of general character. It can be stated that an act or presentation of a man is the basic thing which can style or rupture the ethics and values of its
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