Masculinity At Its Straightest Essay

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The misguided perception of masculinity is the absence of anything remotely homosexual. In Michael Kimmel’s novel Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men he discusses the contradictions of masculinity and what it takes to be seen as a real men. In American, middle class white society, manhood is more than beards and sleeping around with women, it is being as far away from feminine as allowed. The most foreign idea to most would be to consider a gay man to be “manly.” This unfathomable idea is what spurs on homophobia and gives homosexuality a foul name. To be called a “sissy” or “faggot” is worse than being called a “bastard” or “dick.” Shaking a man of his masculinity and naming him a woman psychologically destroys a man.…show more content…
Stereotypes and false media portrayals of gay and straight male interactions are inaccurate and allowing people to believe that these interactions are true. In society’s standards, masculinity is reserved only for those willing to deny all effeminate traits. In high school and college, young men are fraught with ideals of popularity and acceptance. They avoid the things that will make them seem different or that will get them bullied. Oftentimes, “young adolescents, especially boys, are concerned about the physical changes of puberty and may develop homophobia in association with anxiety about their masculinity” (“Gay Teens Bear Burden of Homophobia”). This sort of development leads to the assumption that the most torment would derive from a high school environment. Ironically, despite the hatred towards homosexuals that many heterosexual boys display, hazing rituals often include degrading sexual acts that involve other boys. The older “brothers” of the fraternities claim that these rituals bond and unify the members, but are adamant that they are not gay acts despite the amount of sexuality. A diminishing hazing trend called the “elephant walk” exemplifies great amounts of homosexual behavior, but the pledges and members deny remarks. The fraternities claim that “The pledges who engaged in these sexual hazing activities were being forced to do so to get into the fraternity so they weren't gay and the older
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