Masculinity In Animal Farming

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Adams’s main claim is that meat is a sign of privilege and masculinity, while vegetables are a sign of femininity. Masculinity is to be desired, while femininity is an insult. She mentions many societies where women and children must give up their meat to feed the men. There are more restrictions placed on women with what they can eat. There are cultures where women are forbidden to eat meat. She also claims that men will only eat vegetables, or “women’s food”, with sauces to disguise the food. Not only does meat show a sense of masculinity, it also is a sign of intellectual superiority. Those who do not have access to animals’ meat are seen as savages, below the people who can afford to eat meat. She comments on how meals that are created…show more content…
The meat market is booming, yet it is harming poor countries, the environment, and the animals. It is currently benefitting rich countries, but that will change as the population continues to grow. There is not enough space to continue to house all animals that are raised for food, even if humane farming was to be put into practice. To achieve space, deforestation is occurring. On top of that, animal farming is greatly contributing to the concentration of methane in the atmosphere. Currently, water sources are being used up, which may soon result in a lack of water. The food produced through animal farming, though likely cheaper than meat produced through humane methods, is still too expensive for most. Poor countries cannot afford the food produced in countries that use animal farming. According to Nibert, the food is produced for rich countries and prohibited from the poor. There is also worry about GMOs and how long term consumption may impact one’s health; however, it is becoming less and less possible to eat food that has not been modified in some way. Most of the food being produced, is owned by only a small number of people, all of whom, attempt to achieve as great of a profit as possible. Ultimately, money is the main focus for most people in the food industry and they are willing to go to extreme lengths to increase their
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