Masculinity In Disney

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Hegemonic masculinity over the years has created an ideal image for males to look up too. There is a lack of evolution and a negative body image being represented with Disney. There is a high criteria in which every masculine character has to obtain. The media helps pressure the creation of the perfect male in which Disney is following over the years. Movies from 1970s to modern day movies show little evolution. With little to no evolution places an image for those watching an image that they need to obtain. Masculine characters in Disney have a lack of change; these characters have multiple traits what every male character has to demonstration.

Masculinity, and hyper masculinity is broadly concerned towards the social construction to what it means to “be a man”. Many successful films will always be based around the idea white male and the “11 validated scales of masculine conformity and one global index “(P.5). These elevens are main focuses CMNI look for; they are “(a)winning, (b)emotional Control, (c)Risk-Taking, (d)Violence, (e)dominance, (f)Playboy, (g)Self-Reliance, (h)Primacy of Work, (i)Power Over Women, (j)Disdain from Homosexuals, and (k)Pursuit of status” (PP 13); many are blind sighted by the ideal of finding a man under that has less then five masculinity scale traits. The three main trait n making of a man is dominance, status, and Physical strength/ physique. Status and pursuit in status is exceptional success and/or reference to an exceptional desire for
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