Masculinity In Notes Of A Native Son

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One of the most common themes of Baldwin’s work that is relevant today is the concept of “black masculinity.” This theme appears in modern hip-hop, slam poems and in movements such as Black Lives Matter. In modern society, hip hop, particularly rap, surfaced as a form of expression on political and societal views. Rap music illustrates the difficulties in the black male working class and creates an image that white groups accept of the black man (Randolph 210). Masculinity is often portrayed in rap through cussing, sexuality and the cerebration of crime. Black masculinity affects how black men are perceived for instance, in 2014, Darren Wilson, a police man justified himself in court for killing a black man by declaring that “he felt like a…show more content…
In this passage, he displays that black parents must consider the factors into which they are bringing children and must overcome this fear. This concept also features in “Notes of a Native Son” where Baldwin writes of the difficulty of preparing a “child for the day when the child would be despised” and the battle on how to protect children against a hateful world: “how to create in the child...a stronger antidote to this poison than one had found for oneself…” (106). In this way, Baldwin shows that it is a privilege to be calm about the reproducing. In modern society, black fathers are absent in their families due to unemployment, imprisonment and high death rates (McAdoo) . As a result, brothers turn into father figures as portrayed in “Sonny’s Blues.” In the story, the narrator, Sonny’s father figure attempts to push his views on Sonny for his own safety. The narrator is clearly devoted to Sonny: the mere thought of his brother’s pain makes the hair on his face “itch” and his face to feel “wet.” (Baldwin 110). It gives him discomfort. The narrator is also worried about Sonny’s well
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