Masculinity In Sports Media

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Introduction Gender classification is a predominant topic within today’s sports and is most broadly understood through the portrayals of sports media. Through overt and covert ways, sports media has continued to promote a masculine representation of sports (Millington & Wilson, 2010; Messener, Duncan, & Jensen, 1993). By understanding the way in which sports media portrays sports, one can recognize how masculinity has dominated the world of sports. With the aid of two unique studies of sports media, this paper will critique the way in which media has effected the gendered depiction of sports.
Study Summary In order to thoroughly understand sports media, it is critical to understand the way in which sports media impacts its consumers. Millington and Wilson (2010) explores the impact of sports media by focusing on its impact on a group of boys in a Vancouver High School. Millington and Wilson (2010) analyze the way in which sports media impacts ones’ activity in physical education and the way in which one interprets sports media. Through their research, Millington and Wilson (2010) found that young boys are equally susceptible to the impacts of both physical education and sports media. While the impacts may vary, both sports media and physical education promotes the importance of masculinity in sports and general society (Millington & Wilson, 2010). While Millington and Wilson focus on a specific demographic, Messener et al. (1993) focus and compare the effects of sports
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