Masculinity In The Kite Runner

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In the book the Kite Runner by Hosseini, the main character, Amir, grows up in Afghanistan, and the strong culture affects his moral character while he lives their and after he moves away. He is unable to fit in with the cultural expectations his father puts on him, the religious racism divides him and his half brother Hassan, and the traditional family values cause tension between him and his wife, this all leads back to the theme of Amirs struggle to fulfill his ideals of masculinity.

Amirs father, Baba, is a strong man very set in his ways. He represents the independent culture of old Afghanistan. He instills his ideals of masculinity on Amir, and believes he should be stronger, more sports oriented, and able to stand up for himself. “Of
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Soraya's father is very similar to Baba in his traditional culture ways, and believes that having a family, a blood family, is very important. “‘I’ll say one more thing’ he said. I could tell he was getting revved up; we were about to get one of the general’s little speeches. ‘Take Amir jan, here. We all knew his father, I know who his grandfather was in Kabul and his Great-grandfather before him, I could sit here and trace generations of his ancestors for you if you asked. That’s why when his father— God give him peace — came khastegari, I didn't hesitate. And believe me, his father wouldn't have agreed to ask for your hand if he didn’t know whose descendant you were. Blood is a powerful thin, sachem, and when you adopt, you don't know whose blood your bringing into your house.” This part of the culture makes it hard for Amir to come to grips with the thought of adoption and this divides him and his wife because they both want a child but to get one they would go against the cultural ideals of themselves and their parents. This connects back to his struggle for masculinity because in the eyes of himself and his culture a man should be able to raise his own family, and he doesn't see adopting a kid as his own until after he meets Hassans
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