Masculinity : Masculinity And Conformity

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My study looks at how all my texts are connected by portrayals of masculinity and conformity. All of these texts have main characters who struggle with the demands of masculinity and the pressures to conform to society’s view of masculinity. The texts that I am using are Foreskins Lament by Greg McGee, The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola, Kite Runner by and The Tomcat by James K Baxter. This interests me because I am a young man beginning my adult life and I feel a lot of pressure to conform to what society thinks is a good man.
How is Masculinity displayed in FSL?
In Greg McGee’s Foreskin 's Lament issues of masculinity are displayed through a variety of characters each with a different issue on masculinity such as violence, sexuality and the treatment of women. Violence is displayed through the character Clean. Clean is ex-army and believes everything is for taking not the asking. Clean wants to become captain of the rugby team to make a name for himself so he can provide for his family. He kicks the previous captain, one of his long time teammates in the head, on multiple occasions to get him injured and out of the team. This relates to the Godfather which is also a world in which violence is heavily intertwined with masculinity to help provide for your family, which makes us consider is violence necessary action for man when he is trying to provide. Clean really only wants the power, mana and financial benefits associated with being captain. We see this in the…
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