Masculinity : Masculinity And Masculinity

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There are different ways for men become masculine, people can teach them or let them figure it out when growing up. Masculinity is usually described as being strong, manly, or dominate. It is also used when someone is describing men and how masculine they are. Many people use the word “masculine” to describe a man and put them into a category if they see that he fits. Many people believe that boys should not be brought up by punishing them if they did not do something masculine. They should be treated normal and not have to be terrified to be not masculine. Boys should be brought up the way that does not force them to be something they do not want to be. Germaine Greer wrote an essay called “Masculinity,” which is about how people think how masculinity is a way to show it off. She also talks about how they shape males into being masculine. In Micheal Kaufman essay, “Men, Feminism, and Mens Contradictory Experiences of Power,” he says that men should not be “trained” to be masculine it should come natural and not have consequences if not done right. He also talks about how feminism is impacting masculinity and how men are supporting to help women with the problems they have in society. Both authors make two different points about how masculinity should be taught, but Kaufman’s idea is more effective in the 21st century; it allows the young men to be able to figure out their masculinity by their selves.
In Greer’s statement of masculinity she writes about how…

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