Masculinity, Masculinity And Violence

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Within many gender systems, masculinity is an expression of male gender that can vary based upon culture and society. Many cultures uphold a set of standards and expectations that an individual must maintain in order to be considered masculine. Several of these expectations can often be dangerous, violent, or even abusive. In particular with a focus on the two-sex, two-gender system of Western, patriarchal society, this paper will investigate the correlation between enforced masculinity and violence.

According to Connell, masculinity in of itself does not discuss 'men ' but discusses gender order, and men 's position within that order. Masculinities can also be defined as the patterns of practice by which people (men and women, but predominantly men) engage that position. (Connell 2005) Masculinities within themselves can change based on their participants and actions relating to their culture and society. In Canada and the United States in particular, there is an emphasized push for hyper-masculinity. It is a term used to describe the “exaggeration of traditionally masculine traits or behaviour.” (Collins Dictionary 2014) Men and boys are pushed towards achieving this goal of the ultimate male where “being a so-called 'real man ' means you have to take on this 'tough guise '.” (Katz et al. 1999) They are pressured by society to be 'tough ', both physically and emotionally, in order to fall under the category of 'real man '. Achieving this 'tough ' appearance
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