Masculinity Of Clytemnestra

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In this paper, I will discuss the different ways Clytemnestra isn't your typical female character. In most of Greek mythology women were mostly seen as passive, weak, and constantly taking orders from men. She was the complete opposite, she was really a one of a kind. More masculine than some of the men in the stories, and definitely more masculine than feminine she was a very strong, solid, independent, powerful character throughout Agamemnon. The story definitely wouldn’t be as controversial as it was if it weren't for the boldness, extremely deceptive tactics, manipulative ways, and ruthless acts of Clytemnestra. She constantly defied the role that was given to women in the art of ancient Greece, she paved the way for powerful women characters for the future.
The story of Agamemnon was really a prime example of the masculinity of Clytemnestra. From the point in the story where Agamemnon has to sacrifice his beloved daughter in order to save the people of his empire and go to war, you could tell that did not sit well with her. I mean it must be the worst thing in the world to have to sacrifice a child of your own, something that a king had to do. It makes you think of how great of a king he was to have the balls to do so, but that decision that he made it stuck with Clytemnestra. It drove her into madness, and ruthless behavior. She wanted her revenge and she was going to have her revenge no matter what, she was going to stop at nothing in order to get it. She ruled the
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