Masculinity and Advertising Essay

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Masculinity and Advertising Picture this: There are three beach chairs on a beach and occupying each seat is a male college student. One guy has no shirt on and is wearing a hat. With a smile on his face, he looks to his right. The two guys sitting to his left are each reading a magazine. All three men seem to be enjoying the hot weather and the one looking to his right is enjoying a beer. Coming up on his right are three beautiful girls in bikinis. One girl is blonde, very well developed, and as she walks by you can see her breasts move back and forth with every step she takes. She smiles as she walks by, and by the expression on the guy's face he seems to be enjoying what he is seeing. Her two friends, who are brunettes, also have…show more content…
When watching a sporting event or looking at certain topics on the web, it is very easy to see that the advertisement are targeted for men. You will rarely see a detergent commercial during a sporting event or while surfing the web there are no half-naked women in a TIDE ad. The type of advertising on the web I am talking about are the rectangular boxes that you see at the top of the screen usually with some sort of advertisement on it. Advertising companies who are targeting men will show commercials that involve beer, cars, sports figures who are endorsing the company's product, sports drinks, shaving cream, and Norelco products. These commercials are specifically directed towards men. You have to give some credit to the advertising companies; they know exactly what time of day the majority of men will be watching television and on what sites to put their "attention getters." I often ask myself why are men the targets of this style of advertising for T.V. and web sites? I know I can give you several answers to these questions. The first answer would involve the stereotypical society we live in. The men are usually seen as the ones who make the most money; therefore, advertising companies
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