Masculinity and Gender Roles

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How is gender and gender roles socially constructed? Soulliere states that gender is a cultural creation that is frequently developed by and represented through popular cultural media such as advertisements, music, sports, and entertainment television (Soulliere 2006). The article “Wrestling with Masculinity: Messages about Manhood in the WWE” by Danielle M. Soulliere (2006), examines messages about manhood revealed by televised professional wrestling (Soulliere 1). Messages concerning masculinity and manhood were investigated and compared to the cultural version of masculinity (Soulliere 2006). Soulliere’s research proves that the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) depicts messages, which supports the dominant hegemonic form of masculinity (Soulliere 2006). To further grasp and understand Soulliere’s hypothesis, we must first examine her research methods and outcomes. Soulliere states that television programs and advertisements such as the WWE provide gender and social role models (Soulliere 2006). Soulliere references that the dominant form of masculinity is associated with various male characteristics that consistently appear in the media. Such attributes include violence and aggression, emotional restraint, toughness, risk-taking, physical strength, courage, power and dominance, competitiveness, and achievement and success (Soulliere 2006). Additionally, presentation of men in sports continues to reaffirm the traditional hegemonic notion of masculinity and Soulliere
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