Masculinity in Film: The Incredibles Essay

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Masculinity in film: The Incredibles
The movie that I chose to research was The Incredibles. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie because I thought it gave a really wholesome view of family. I was very pleased with how much Mr. Incredible grew as a person throughout the story. I appreciated how it was full of action, anticipation, and excitement. By the end of the story, I didn't feel that there were any loose ends that needed to be tied up which left me satisfied. Overall, I agree with the point the author of this article was trying to make. I agree that the way men are portrayed in these three films, particularly The Incredibles, has changed since the "princess film era". (Gillam.) In The Incredibles, we see the journey he takes from being full of himself to realizing that he needs his family and friends. (Gillam.)
In the beginning of the film, Mr. Incredible is very proud and believes he can handle anything on his own. He doesn't want any help from his wife, Elastigirl, or an adoring super fan, Buddy. (The.) What Mr. Incredible doesn't realize is that he is making a huge impact on Buddy by shunning him and refusing his plea to help. Mr. Incredible spends his time fighting crime in the city with his close pal, Frozone. Both men were two of the best super heroes back in the day, and they try to escape their lives now by going back to the days of their prime. (Gillam.)
Later on in the film, Mr. Incredible goes to a remote island, Chronos, to try to defeat the newest…