Masculinity in Film: The Incredibles Essay

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Masculinity in film: The Incredibles The movie that I chose to research was The Incredibles. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie because I thought it gave a really wholesome view of family. I was very pleased with how much Mr. Incredible grew as a person throughout the story. I appreciated how it was full of action, anticipation, and excitement. By the end of the story, I didn't feel that there were any loose ends that needed to be tied up which left me satisfied. Overall, I agree with the point the author of this article was trying to make. I agree that the way men are portrayed in these three films, particularly The Incredibles, has changed since the "princess film era". (Gillam.) In The Incredibles, we see the journey he takes from…show more content…
In other words, he is knocked down off his pedestal. In the beginning, he carried the attitude that he alone could fight crime and that he was invincible. One example of this is when he tells Buddy he wants to "work alone". (Gillan.) We can see how much he grows because at the end of the film he relies on Elastigirl's help to rescue their baby, Jack-Jack. He doesn't try to rescue the baby by himself because he knows he can't. The two of them work as a team when he throws her up in the air, and she stretches her body to rescue their baby from Buddy. (The.) Mr. Incredible is just one example of the "new man" Disney has started producing since the late 90's. This new man isn't "the testosterone-pumped, muscle-bound Hollywood hero" that was always the male star of the princess films. (Gillan.) This new man actually goes through real hardship that we, as an audience, experience in our everyday lives. Mr. Incredible experiences: frustration, sadness, disappointment, loneliness and defeat. Once he realizes that he doesn't nor can fight every battle on his own, he begins to feel more pleasant emotions. Thanks to some help from his family and friends, he begins to feel pride, joy, a sense of belonging, and accomplishment. (Gillan.) In my opinion, The Incredibles is one of the best Disney movies I have seen in a long time. I agree with the article about how
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