Masculinity in Men Should Weep by Ena Lamont Stewart and Perfect Days by Liz Lochead

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Masculinity in "Men Should Weep" by Ena Lamont Stewart and "Perfect Days" by Liz Lochead

Both plays portray men under a negative light. In ‘Men Should Weep’ men are the dominant sex and are seen socially of far greater importance. Whereas in ‘Perfect days’ men are easily manipulated and tend to be controlled by the contents of their trousers.

Men Should Weep’ is a play which examines how the family unit crumbles under the pressure of poverty. ‘John’ the father of the family is the main male figure throughout the play. His wife Maggie does everything for him and their family. However although there is always a lot to be done John manages not to do anything to help as he would never want to damage his alter ego. Not only
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Mrs Bone prefers to keep it quite about what goes on like a lot of other women. It is all about men feeling that they have power over women. Not only do men expect everything to be done for them but they also expect that everything is for them. A prime example of this is when
Lily brings the kids some food and John expects it to be for him.

‘it’s no for you! It’s far Bertie and the ither weans, ye pig-heided fool!’ From this you can tell that Lily doesn’t like John due to the fact that he doesn’t work or help out around the house. However John doesn’t like Lily as she provides for his family and he looks upon himself as the provider, even though he doesn’t do anything for his family. Throughout the play John manages to pick out quite a few of his own faults without even realising what he is doing.

‘a mans nae right to bring weans intae the world if he canne provide for them’

Nonetheless this is exactly what he has done, he has six children, no form of income and he has no notion in helping around the house.

As the play progresses the reader begins to realise that the men are a far weaker and stupider sex than the women, also that the women are far stronger and intelligent.

‘They canna stawn up tae things like a women, they loose their heids and start shouting’

Men are portrayed to have little control over themselves and their actions. Unlike the women who are far more
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