Masculinity in the Media

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Masculinity in Media This research looks at the association of masculinity with violence, racism, power and the objectification of women, which has been around since early civilization. This study also shows how these concepts are still evident today in the media. Masculinity in the media is portrayed as muscular, violent, angry, aggressive, dominant, and warrior like. The rhetoric in media, as it relates to masculinity, has influenced the amount of violence in the world. The association between violence and masculinity is relevant to communications because the portrayals of masculinity in the media led me to become a violent, and angry teenager. I grew up in a military family. For me it seemed like the military was cool, and I looked up to the people in my family who served. I played with G.I. Joes, Star Wars toys, watched war movies, watched and played sports, wore sports apparel and played Halo and Call of duty. I was subconsciously filling my gender role by making “masculine” consumer choices that would affect choices I would make in the future. The violent toys and games that I grew up with became a part of me. I got into many fights in high school because I thought it was fun, I thought I was cool, and I thought the toughest football player at the school. I started to become more and more interested in the military and rap music in high school and I read many military books and listened to a lot of rap music. I read a biography about Pat Tillman. He was
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