Masculinity in the Workplace Essay examples

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Masculinity in the Workplace

The concept of masculinity first emerged during the early stages of the modern industrial revolution. With the rapid progress of technology, the conditions of living became better and the traditional definition of masculinity changed. Today, in the modern workplace of America, masculinity is a factor that has to be taken into account by managers and also by employees. It plays a crucial and distinctive role in the way people will interact with each other and shapes the way relations of power and hierarchy are formed. The ancient concept of masculinity was that men didn’t choose to work because they enjoyed it, but rather because they had to do it, in order to be called men . After that, men began
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It is the fact of being more masculine than someone else is that will determine not only the skill level but also the position relative to other of a peculiar worker. As an example of that, there is a manual worker in a big construction industry that says that responsibilities and specific tasks on the field are assigned and determined not by the knowledge level of a worker but rather by his masculine attitude . He explains that this masculine attitude can consist of throwing beers bottles or swearing in front of his coworkers, directly on the field or outside of work. Another manual worker says that in order to affirm his masculinity and thus his place among his peers, he uses sexual discourse that defines the men’s sexuality as the center of his life and as something that one could never get enough of . He says that an important role of this discourses is to reduce woman to a sexual and docile object, even if he admits that his wife wouldn’t appreciate it at all and that he wouldn’t dare say it in front of her. Another research study by Laurie Telford suggests that men in order to affirm their masculinity will try most often to gather with people that tend to verify their own concept of masculinity and that they will try to build “a support network ” based on what they can compare themselves to. This suggests, for example, that if someone is not able to identify with
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