Masih's Letter

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I received a letter dated 29/4/2017 from you, in which you considered our affiliation to the church as subscribing members and consequently snatched us from the pastorate and other rights. I and my family had to contest your decision with a heavy heart with the following points:- 1. According to the letter sent by you on 28/3/2017, you said: “I am debarring and disassociating the family of Mr. K.K. Masih, Anita Masih and their wards from the church membership with immediate effect”. (i) In conclusion, you are acknowledging that we are church members and you are expelling us from church membership. (ii) Whereas, in the letter sent by you on 29/4/2017, you are declaring I and my family as “subscribing members”. Your statements (i & ii) are
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