Maslow, An American Psychologist

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Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, created the pyramid of human needs to depict the subconscious priority system that we all possess. According to this pyramid, people must fully meet the needs of the lowest level - physiological needs, such as breathing, food, and water - before moving up to any of the following levels. The idea behind this process is that a person will continue to move up the pyramid as they fulfill each individual level, until ending with the final level, which is self-actualization. This is the goal of all humans, their innermost desire: to reach self-actualization and become all that they are capable of becoming. However, the majority of the human race lives their lives based on reaching commercial and economic success, rather than happiness and higher values. Modern economic theory measures wealth in a strictly monetary sense, resulting in motivation stemming from the promise of money, not from the promise of possible self-fulfillment. This theory stifles the natural motivation within people to reach a higher value, therefore stifling the potential of all people in an economic, social, and individual sense. As shown through different readings about oppressed women or races, different pieces of literature, and personal experiences, self-actualization leads to a life filled with more meaning and purpose. Because all people have a fundamental impulse to self-actualize, an economic theory based on recognition of these aspirations, rather than one
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