Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs

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Question 2
Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is one of the motivation theories that can be applied to teaching and learning.
a) With the aid of diagram, explain how Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is

American physiologist studies on human needs and motivation know as Abraham Harold Maslow already establishing a theory that being focusing and describing on the stages of motivation in human growths in order to fulfill their needs. This well-known theory already being accepted all over the whole and being name as Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. This Maslow’s hierarchy of need is already being divided 5 quadrants Although Maslow has not described anything of his theory in term of pyramid shape in writing about this subject matter, it already been widely
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This hierarchy has been establishing in pyramid shape which bottom part of it is best to describe in the basic need of human motivations. According to Maslow’s theory, human motivation started from oneself to fulfill their basic needs which call as physiological needs or its biological needs. After this foremost needs being fulfill then the human motivation will go the next quadrant call as safety needs. Although the safety needs still under basic need of human being but it is not as important as physiological needs. Human is willing to sacrifice their safety need only in order to fulfill their physiological/biological needs, that why, these need have been separated into

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