Maslow Needs Research Paper

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Maslow needs have helped me to see things for what they truly are. The things we take for granted, are the underlying basic issues that drive our emotions. Maslow needs include: physiological needs, safety, love and belonging, esteem and the most important; self actualization. People tend to forget the importance of these emotions and how much they really do affect us. The need to feel important, and getting love and support from other people is what drives people to want to do things. Lastly, but most importantly, self actualization. To realize who you are and to be true to yourself will always be the real answer behind anything. We all crave some sort of attention because we want to feel safe and to refrain from feeling alone. However, the way you think about yourself is what depends on the kind of attention and love and belonging you want to have. First, the physiological needs is what everyone needs in order to live each and everyday. To ensure safety and to feel protected by someone has been something I have felt very strongly about. To feel important enough to be safe from the evil in this world. There are many different types of evil filled in the world, and I have learned there is…show more content…
We all struggle with our flaws in self esteem. Whether we dwell on our flaws or flaunt them, we all have the same meanings behind our hidden stories we share. The phrase, ¨confidence is key¨ is one that I have tried to stick with me for the past few days. Not to be narcissistic, but to be comfortable in my own skin. To set the example for my little sister. To show her know we all have flaws and we have to live with them everyday, but we don't have to look at it in a negative perspective. I am weirdly enough thankful for my indifferences because they make me who I am. Not the person I want to be or who my friends are, but it is the unique qualities in which makes a
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