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Maslow Abraham Maslow was a humanistic psychologist whose theories of self-actualization and hierarchy of needs had a significant impact on the field of human development. Maslow was a very optimistic theorist regarding human beings, with thoughts that he wanted humans to be happy and be the best that they can be regarding their life path. Maslow defined self-actualization as a human being realizing personal potential, self- fulfillment and one who seeks personal growth and peak experiences in their life path (McLeod, 2007). Self-actualization is included in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (McLeod, 2007) model. Self- actualization is the pinnacle of human development, although…show more content…
Our medical director is a neurologist, so I am thinking that his statistics are correct and researched. I would like to relate the experiences that I had with my grandmother when I was growing up. When I was in my youth, my grandmother was already in her 60’s was very active and had great mental acuity. She was always physically active and I used to go everywhere with her. She would take me to museums in New York City and she would navigate the city fairly well, even at her advancing age. As she got older, she still remained active and kept her brain active by reading, knitting and that sort of thing. In her 80’s and 90’s her brain was still very sharp until she passed at the age of 96. There was no evidence of Alzheimer’s disease with her at all and up until her death her thinking was clear. My parents who are in their 80’s are not experiencing any form of dementia either. I believe that they will not experience this because they keep their bodies active as well as their minds. My dad is pretty computer literate for someone of his age, where most folks his age are not, and with the world of information at his disposal, he is learning new information all of the time. I believe that their crystallized intelligence is increasing due to increased brain activity/stimulation. From the reading in Diessner (2008) the authors posited that a decline
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