Maslow S Hierarchy Of Needs Paper

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The Concept of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Abraham Maslow developed the theory of human motivation called Hierarchy of Needs. It suggested that people need to be satisfied by all physiological needs before move on other high-order needs. I learned this concept in my secondary school which introduced how Hierarchy of Needs can be used in business management. At that moment, I can’t realize how this concept can be applied to manage people in companies, since I was student. It was difficult for me to imagine how this theory can be practically applied in the business world. When I study Consumer Behavior in this master course, it arouses my interest to understand that this theory can be applied to interpreting how consumer goods and…show more content…
In addition, the company also concerns social needs which hope the employees have belonging feeling. For example, the company holds different interesting clubs to encourage employees to gather and share the hobbies in holidays, e.g. hiking club, biking club, running club etc. Apart from these clubs, the company also organizes annual dinner in order to offer a chance for different departments gather together in a relax atmosphere. The forth level is esteem needs. The company would reward those outstanding performance colleague though global announcement intranet system, which can strengthen employee’s confidence and create higher motivation to achieve good result in company. The last level is self-actualization, it may focus on top management how to achieve beyond its capabilities, for example, they can enjoy the bonus based on company’s profit. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is widely accepted in many social disciplines. However, it still has some weaknesses. Firstly, it is difficult to measure how people are satisfied in every level. There is no methods to measure precisely how satisfied one need is before the next higher need become operative. Secondly, in reality, people may seek different needs simultaneously, for instance, consumer would like to buy the car can offer safety and esteem needs. Thirdly, this theory doesn’t take account of age group consideration. Some old age people concern highest level of security,
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