Maslow and Rogers Comparison Essay

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Paula Mason
Theories of Personality

Similarities and Differences between Rogers' and Maslow's interpretation of
"Self- actualization

Rogers and Maslow are from a Humanistic approach to thought. The human approach takes away from the man and robot statement that the behaviorists maintain. Rogers and Maslow engaged in a concept of self-actualization and characteristics and the requirements to achieve it. Rogers and Maslow theories of self -actualization have similarities and differences. These two discussed that the driving force of human needs system is self-actualization. Rogers, one of the most influential founders of the humanistic approach, has been cited more and was a major influence on clinical
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The self is the central construct in this theory. It is based largely on life experiences, social evaluation and the attitude of the individual's significant other. If the individual experiences conditional positive regard from their parents, the individual develops their parent's values and conditions of worth. If self-concept is based on the values of the significant other this can give rise to incongruence between self and experience.
Self-concept and conditions of worth are linked together and are important. They are guidelines as to how people behave towards others because people value their opinion of themselves above their own. This affects their decision making and can result in them doing things to please others rather than satisfying their own needs. Conditions of worth reduce people's self-confidence, trust in their own feelings and can affect their potential towards self-actualization (Rogers 1986).”6
1. Self-worth (self-esteem) – what we think about ourselves. Rogers shared his feelings on self-worth: that in early childhood our feelings of self-worth developed and formed because of the interaction with the father and mother. Self-worth can range from very low to very high. Rogers stated that someone who has high self-worth has positive feelings and confidence about themselves, accepts failure and is open with people at times. Self-worth people may avoid challenges in life and can be defensive with other
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