Maslow 's Five Needs Of Personal Development Within The Organization Essay

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One of the most promising efforts to build on Maslow’s work is the ERG theory proposed by Clayton aldferfer.This theory collapses Maslow’s five needs into three. Existence needs are desire for physiological and material wellbeing. Relatedness needs are desires for satisfying interpersonal relationships. In simple terms ERG Theory states that at a given point of time, more than one need may be operational. It includes the following:- 1) Existence needs:- These include need for basic material necessities. It depends on the daily base necessary things for employees like food shelter and water For example:-An employee should be given a refreshment break whenever it is essential. 2) Relatedness needs:- Relates to a person 's interpersonal needs within his personal as well as professional settings. Example of this is employee’s personal development within the organization. It also includes motivation levels of an employee. 3) Growth: - Relates to a person 's needs of personal development. At the highest level, we seek to grow, be creative for ourselves and for our environment. When we are successfully growing, we feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment 11 ques: Ans. Traditional Approach: According to traditional approach, peoples have more interest in earning money rather than to do, more work. People expected to do any job if they were paid enough. In this employees need beneficial encourage to any kind of task or job. It motivates everyone or unpleasant for most people.
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