Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs During Freshman Year Of My Undergraduate Developmental Psychology Class

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Pausing to reflect on my life, I see that it was the seemingly insignificant moments that nudged me forward, creating the person I would become. I was first introduced to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs during freshman year of my undergraduate Developmental Psychology class. This idea helped me think critically about my background and the steps I would need to reach my full potential. I realized that all of my life experiences leading up to that moment influenced the decisions I had made and would continue to make. This sparked my interest in the developmental stages of children and how quickly their early life experiences begin to shape them as well. I continued to learn under the expert guidance of my professors who always emphasized how…show more content…
I feel energized to participate in a strength based program that focuses on high quality care for clients. I have seen a glimpse of how rewarding this can be through my work with behavioral health and trauma crisis response as a Family Support Specialist. When our families arrive for services, they are at their most vulnerable and may feel desperate or afraid. I take each interaction as an opportunity to learn from their unique life experiences and try to understand what events led up to seeking help. I have noticed that initial impressions can be misleading. There is so much going on beneath the surface that takes time to understand. Many of the clients I work with are involved in Child Protective Services. Having spent several years working at that agency, I was able to gain a well-rounded perspective on legal proceedings and the stages families go through after children are removed from their biological parents. Although it has been heartbreaking, these experiences have taught me that I am capable of effectively working in an emotional demanding atmosphere. Additionally, I was raised under modest circumstances. I say modest and not poor because although we were financially impoverished, there was an abundance of friendship. Being the youngest of nine siblings and an identical twin, privacy was scarcer than anything. However, it promoted an environment of sharing, respect for others and gratitude. At
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