Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs Essay

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MASLOW 'S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS. Marslow’s hierarchy of needs is a widely accepted view on the priorities that individuals universally have. In Marslow’s hierarchy, individuals need to fulfill their physical needs, feel secure, belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization. Basic physical needs are things such as the need for food, water and other essential things for survival. Every individual needs to feel safe from threats such as physical threats, variability and unpredictability of the environment and emotional stress. People often feel the need for relationships such as love, friendship and other feelings associated with being accepted in a community. On top of that, individuals also need to respect others and be respected. Self-actualization represents the need for individuals to fulfill their potentials. For example, pushing the boundaries of their creative tendencies and to optimize personal growth. The result is to be the best that one can possibly be. Since unsatisfied needs motivate behavior, therefore lower-level needs have to be fulfilled before the upper-level needs can be met. For example, individuals should feel a reasonable level of safety in terms of their job security and monetary compensation to allow employees to care for themselves and their families. These needs should be met before employees will be driven to compete for higher job responsibilities, status, and increased workload. Hence Ms. Hogan must identify the needs of different individuals as

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