Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs

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What is the idea behind Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (p. 379 in EP)? Outline each level and discuss how it relates to motivation. Abraham Maslow was born in 1908 in Brooklyn, New York. He originally studied law because of the influence of my parents, but after marrying his first cousin, Bertha Goodman, and moving to Wisconsin, he became interested in psychology. After achieving his Masters in Psychology, Maslow moved back to Brooklyn and started teaching at a school there. “One of the many interesting things Maslow noticed while he worked with monkeys early in his career, was that some needs take precedence over others. For example, if you are hungry and thirsty, you will tend to try to take care of the thirst first. After all, you can…show more content…
Before a student 's cognitive needs can be met they must first fulfil their basic physiological needs. For example a tired and hungry student will find it difficult to focus on learning. Students need to feel emotionally and physically safe and accepted within the classroom to progress and reach their full potential. (Saul McLeod)” Despite the studies and reasonings behind the hierarchy of needs, there are many psychologists and theorists that do not agree with the science behind the hierarchy. For example; A person without a home, or physiological safety, could achieve relationships with people around them, or love and belonging. However agreeable the hierarchy is, it can be incorrect at times. The first level of Maslow’s hierarchy is physiological needs. This level deals with food, shelter, warmth, water, sex, and bodily functions. According to Maslow, if a person does not have stability in any of these areas, they would be anxious and unable to proceed into the next level of human needs. The second level of Maslow’s hierarchy is safety needs. Safety includes order, routine, safety of job, a family safety, and reliability of government/society. These are all related to consistency. If a person does not have a consistent paycheck or place to live or person to be around, they would be unable to progress into the next level of human needs. However, when stability is achieved, the individual can proceed to the next level. The third
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