Maslow 's Impact On Social Influences On The Chosen Individual

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Introduction- In this report I’m going to describe four needs of the chosen individual and explain why they are required to be addressed. I’m then going to go on to describe features from two psychological theories and use them to explain aspects of the development and behaviour of the chosen individual. Next I’m going to describe three sociological concepts and use them to explain the impact of social influences on the chosen individual. Then I’m going to describe features of the positive care environment in three care services and explain how they could meet the needs of the chosen individual. Finally I’m going to describe features of two psychological theories and use them to explain how a care worker could demonstrate positive care practice with the chosen individual. What is a need? A need is something that is essential, an obligation or requirement rather than just desirable. According to Maslow a need is five different requirements which he refers to as a hierarchy of needs and these would be self-actualisation, esteem, love/belonging, safety and physiological. Needs that require to be addressed- Four needs of my chosen individual Paul that require to be addressed is his social, physical, emotional and cognitive needs. Social needs is about feeling appreciated, acceptance, a self of belonging and companionship. Therefore Paul’s social needs are not being met as he tragically lost his wife and kids. He lost the people he loved that were closest to him that he would
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