Maslow 's Theory Of Maslow Essay

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On April 1st 1908, Samuel and Rose Maslow became parents to their first child, Abraham Maslow. He was their first child and was born in Brooklyn, New York. Abraham Maslow would become the oldest of seven children (Boeree, 2006). His parents were from Russia and were Jewish immigrants. Maslow was raised in a diverse, working class neighborhood. His parents were uneducated, however education was something they valued for their children. Maslow’s family was poor Maslow experienced anti-Semitism from teachers and peers. Jewish boys in his neighborhood (The Famous People). Maslow’s parents were rather cruel to Maslow while he was growing up. His father would constantly degrade Maslow and tell him that he was ugly and stupid. Maslow described his father as someone who loved whiskey, women, and fighting (Hergenhahn and Henley, 2014). His father publicly announced that Maslow was repulsively ugly causing Maslow to have a low self esteem about himself (Emrich). Maslow’s mother, Rose, was not a caring and loving mother; she never showed her children and husband affection. Maslow grew to hate his mother because she never cared for him or gave him attention (Emrich). Maslow spoke about feeling lonely during his childhood as well as being unhappy. Most of Maslow’s time was spent in a library with books. Growing up Maslow thought that physical strength was the true definition of a true male, but he didn 't achieve this due to his humble-looking and innocent figure, along with his

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