Maslow 's Theory Of Moral Development

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Moral Development What it means to take a “life span perspective” when considering human development, on the topic of moral development, is that in order to understand the changes and progression of a person’s moral development you have to take in the account that moral development occurs as a result of all the different aspects of life that can promote change, such as social interactions, socioeconomic status, and genetics. The life span perspective uses a multidimensional framework in order to describe moral development throughout a person’s life. The framework consists of 4 assumptions, development is lifelong, multidirectional and multidimensional, highly plastic, and affected by multiple, interacting forces. There is a lot of evidence that focuses on moral development as a life-long process that develops throughout a person’s life and changes based on a variety of factors. The first is Kohlberg’s theory of moral development. Inspired by early work of Piaget on moral judgment, Kohlberg set out to develop a more comprehensive cognitive understanding of moral development. Kohlberg used with clinical interviewing procedure in which he presented a sample 10-to-16- year old boys with hypothetical moral dilemmas presenting in the conflict between two moral values- and asked them what the main actor should do and why. ? Real life moral dilemmas often help to highlight the role of emotion in moral judgment. Then he followed the participants longitudinally, reinter viewing
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