Maslow vs. Herzberg

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How might knowledge of motivational theories help you as a Managing Director of a supermarket chain, introduce policies and practices which increases the motivation and productivity of your employees? Try to use both theory and evidence to support any specific proposals you might make.

Motivation is the set of processes that moves a person towards a goal. Since motivation influences productivity, the Managing Director would need to have knowledge of motivational theories. The motivational theories which could help me as the Managing Director introduce policies and practices which can increase the motivation and productivity of the employees will be discussed in detail.

There have been many studies carried out to answer the question ‘if
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He saw it as the task of managers to devise a system which would maximise efficiency. This would generate the profit to enable the workers to be paid a higher wage. Taylor's view of human nature was that of ‘economic man'. In other words people were only motivated by the economic motives of self-interest. Therefore if I was to use this to motivate the employees of the supermarket chain I can best motivate them by offering an incentive or a threat. For example I can use the time and motion study by observing and recording the workers on what, when and how they carry out their tasks and then identify the most efficient workers and see how they achieve greater efficiency. After identifying these workers I could devise a pay scheme to reward those who compete or beat the targets, but penalise the ones which cannot or will not achieve productivity. This theory has been used by Henry Ford for the mass production of motor cars, as well as communist factories in Easter Europe, China and Russia who imitated Taylor's methods. In all of these cased the result was a huge improvement in productivity, though it was commonly the case that workers did eventually rebel against being treated like machines.

Even though this approach can be useful to increase productivity in the supermarket chain, I wouldn't use this in the supermarket chain as it would decrease the motivation of employees. This is because the employees will feel they are being treated like machines and if they are
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