Maslow´s Hierarchy of Needs Applied to the Movie "Jumanji"

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The purpose of this assignment is to apply Maslow's Hierarchy of needs to the movie Jumanji. The levels of Maslow's is usually showned as a pyramid. The adequate needs are located at the bottom, whereas the major needs are located at the top. The five levels of needs from the adequate needs to the major needs are physicological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization needs. The five levels of Maslow build up on each other and each level is needed to complete the pyramid. When one has accomplish the lower levels, love and self-actualization becomes increasingly important. Jumanji is a movie about a boy name Alan Parrish. Alan's life becomes interesting when he finds a jungle-based board game with his friend Sarah. One day as they were playing, the board game comes to life. Alan rolls the dice, which sucks him into the game and Sarah's roll brings bat flying around the room. Terrified Sarah runs off leaving Alan trapped in the game. Twenty five years later, two orphans, Judy and Peter moved into the home of the Parrish and found the game in the attic. They began playing and brought Alan back from the game. The characters realized that they must continue to finish the game. They faced many fears and challenges, risking their lives to reverse the game and bringing eveything back to normal. Judy is one of the main character in the story and is compared to Maslow's five levels of needs. Physiological needs are needs needed for survival which are food,

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