Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi

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There comes a time in point of life when you’re stuck in a hiccup and you have to do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles. In the Life of Pi, Pi undergoes many obstacles and he has to test the five levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to be able to survive. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs consists of five levels such as: Physiological, Safety, Love, Esteem, and Self Actualization. Does Pi have what it takes to overcome these obstacles by using the five levels of hierarchy? Life of Pi by Yann Martel, tells a story about a survivor on a life boat with a dead Zebra, Hyena, Orangutan and a tiger he names Richard Parker for 226 days on a boat stranded in the middle of nowhere. Pi grew up being a Hindu but as he gets older, he starts to…show more content…
While on the road to nowhere, Pi starts to acquire water from the rain and obtains food to stock up while he’s worrying about the 400 pound tiger that’s on the lifeboat while Pi is on a small raft. When Pi starts to tame Richard Parker he can finally call him a friend and now has a purpose. As a Hindu, Pi does not eat meat but that went out of the window when he catches a fish and eats it raw to stay alive. When it comes down to survival there is no preference in what to eat. As Pi reaches the second level of the hierarchy of needs, he finds himself on the level of safety he needs to figure out how to stay safe while on the life boat. While Pi was on the boat he was so scared of Richard Parker that he had jumped off the boat to go in the water, but then realizes that there are predators just as scary as Richard parker or maybe even worse that he has to avoid to staying safe. “I noticed the presence of sharks around the life boat…The sharks were makos-swift, point-snouted predators with long murderous teeth that protruded noticeable from their mouths” (Martel 179). Once Pi tries to overcome his fears and tames Richard like a zookeeper would do and once he does, he ends up having a companion that helps Pi get through the struggle to survive. Pi finds an island where he is safe and is able to regain his strength but as he finds a tooth in the algae, Pi

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