Mason: A Short Story

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On the blazing hot plains of Africa lived a lion named Mason. He was a fairly intelligent lion, but at the same time he was lazy and very unmotivated. Currently, he he was in highschool, and just like any other high school he was always under some sort of stress. There were tests every week, a project due in a couple of days, and usually about 1 or 2 hours of homework to do every night, even though he didn’t always do them the night before. However, he consistently managed to score a ninety or above on all his test, but he constantly struggled with being motivated to do any sort of extra work that would be very beneficial for himself. He never tried joining any clubs, learning a sport, or playing an instrument. Instead, he’d rather lay around…show more content…
He talked to both Marie and Michael to try to get him into the club. He could never get a chance to talk to Marie on her free time since she didn’t even seem to have any, but he was able to persuade Michael to get him into the club list. And somehow, he even convinced Michael to get him on the baseball team’s roster through his close relationship with the coach. Now he was in a volunteering club and was on the baseball team. However, he was still not satisfied with just having this on his resume. He joined two more clubs and tried teaching himself how to play a piano. But of course he struggle with being able to have any sort of balance in his daily routine. He wasn’t doing well on the baseball team, which caused the team to lose many times. This lead to a loss of respect for Michael, since he got Mason in the team. Mason didn’t even attend the majority of meetings for his clubs. Especially his lacking in attendance in the volunteering club, and that brought down Michael’s reputation within the club, as he was the one who put him into the club. Mason couldn’t even find the time to look up some sort of five minute tutorial video on the basics of learning how to play a…show more content…
But the worst effect of this whole situation was that he lost a friend, Michael no longer talked to him, and it became very clear to Mason that he could have just ruined his opportunities for most of his scholarships. The only two friends he had left were Marie and Jason. He didn’t even consider them friends anymore, Marie was always too busy to hangout or even talk in between class, and Jacob didn’t even show up to any classes. Finally, the time for college applications to be submitted came, and all he could put was his slightly outstanding grades and two clubs which he was part of for less than a year. When the acceptance letters came in he found that the only college that accepted him was Big Cat College in Colorado. This college wasn’t an outstanding college like Lion’s Pride University in New York or King of the Jungle College in California. It was just subpar compared to the other colleges in the area. And of course this was a clear reflection of his
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