Mason's Day Narrative

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Mason's day was off to a good start, one he knew would not last. For him, predicting how good his day would be was easy, it was based on the simple fact that a certain someone had at least one class with him every day. They had always been together in one way or another. They had met in preschool for gods sake, and had some how managed to stay in lock step down all the years and stages of schooling. Even when, in middle school, his family had moved to another neighborhood and ended up in another district, who did it turn out was moving in down the street? But his favorite little friend. Their parents had been so excited that they had even been forced to endure a double family outing. Needless to say that the budding friendship between their parents no longer involved the kids as tag along's.

If asked why they had started hating each other, Mason could have never said. He couldn't remember one event in their deep past that had caused it. As far back as he could remember he was pulling her hair and she was getting him in trouble with teachers. She had always been like that. She rarely confronted him herself, not when others might see any way. But everyone loved her, thought she was sweet, wanted to be around her, and it was easy for her to
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He'd gotten tall, muscular, played sports for the school, and generally hung out with some of the slacker kids. That wasn't to say his grades were bad, they just could have been all A's if he actually cared to try. A healthy blend of A's, B's, and a C every now and then for spice was good enough for him. He had a generally friendly face, strong features, a quick smile, and warm brown eyes. With most people he could flash a smile, run his fingers through his soft brown hair, and offer an apologetic shrug to disarm them. He wasn't as good at playing people as she was, but his personality was disarming. People could hardly believe how bitter he could be when she was
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