Mass Airflow Sensor Operates For Mass Gas Flow Across The Surface Of The Sensing Element

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mass airflow sensor operates on the theory of heat transfer due to mass gas flow across the surface of the sensing element. The rotameter indicates flow in standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). Simulink program was built to acquire voltage values from the pressure sensor, then after plotting the voltages Simulink program was changed to calculate the actual pressure and flow values being measured by the sensors from the voltages that the sensors output by adding “Fcn” block. These values of the pressure and flow values were used then be displayed in Simulink, the fitting equations and voltage plots are displayed in the results section. I. INTRODUCTION Honeywell 24PCDFA6D pressure sensor is a differential unamplified pressure…show more content…
Using pressure sensor, mass sensor, and Simulink; data was collected and loaded into Matlab, to create and annotate plots. A. Analysis Matlab was used in this experiment, data was entered and plots were generated. Using the regression and residuals to choose best fit for each function, results are shown in the results section of the report. For example, the first order polynomial used for a linear regression of data has the form y a a x  0 1 , (1) Where: x is the independent variable, y is the dependent variable, and a0 and a1 are the regression coefficients. The polynomial fitting function was used in this lab B. Experimental Program The circuit was connected at the beginning of the lab, where the two leads from the pressure and flow sensor were connected into the data acquisition device Simulink program was built where “Scope”, “Reshape”, “Selector”, “Display”, and “Analog input” blocks were connected to acquire measured voltages from the connected pressure sensor, the voltage range was adjusted to match the expected voltages from the mass flow and pressure sensor circuits. Two channels were connected; having AI0 and AI1 input ports connected to the circuit. Also, the sample rate was adjusted to a sample rate of 1000, the Simulink program is shown in figure 1 in the results section. In part 2 of the experiment, The TA closed the red-handled valve for the rotameter so that no flow can leave the system. By using the air

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