Mass Band Concert Report Sample

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What a privilege it was to be able to travel all the way out to B.C. for the mass band trip. It was quite an exciting and eventful trip and definitely worth all of that fundraising! I was a little nervous as I am not yet very confident in playing my flute in front of large audiences but it ended up going quite alright and I quickly found my place in the band with my flute. I am very grateful for this opportunity and for all those who were involved to help make this event happen. The theme of the mass band concert was “The Voyage.” Our voyage began with Psalm 117. I really enjoyed the way we started the concert off so quickly with this song, as it made the concert seem more professional in a way. Overall I think we performed this song quite well. Although I didn’t think much of this piece before mass band, I thought it sounded pretty good with the entire…show more content…
You could tell we were nervous as in the first few bars we weren’t playing together well at all. Other than a few little squeaks of instruments here and there we played fairly well with a few minor flaws. Listening to our individual pieces again made me realize how much potential we actually have as a group, we have a lot of expression in our playing and we play with a lot of dynamics. Winterwinds was played well. Again, this was a song played with well defined dynamics. We were off tempo here and there but not something hugely noticeable. There were those few bars that hardly any of the flutes and clarinets could play so hopefully that wasn’t too noticeable. There was also that one chord where, although we played the right note it sure didn’t sound like it. Overall, Winterwinds was a fun piece to play and we did a decent job. After the individual pieces we played Swahili Folk Hymn, directed by Mrs. Duker. We played this song well, it is a fairly easy song to play. This song definitely placed a special focus on the percussion, and they did a good
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